Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Did you notice that pretty much every species of mammals, and probably other families too, smell their crap and other individual's asses?  You did, right?  Many eat some too, but let's not go there.

Why do they do it?  Probably not for fun, right?  Because they get valuable information from doing it?  Like an assessment of the individual's health and life habits? What does it eat?  How does it digest?  Is it healthy, is it sick?  Functioning well or so broke that it's about to expire?  Fertility signals maybe, and other hormonal messages?

I don't actually know, I'm not researching the subject, just passing time on a flight.  And, since I'd rather not disturb the nice lady on the corridor seat beside me again, some things are on my mind and with my luggage stowed all I have in hand is my so-called smart phone.  More precisely, my computer phone.

Anyway, I'm also going there because it already came to my mind that my post-digestion aromas contained more information than just the "yuk" I grew up to associate it with.  Healthy output, infected stomach output, post alcohol abuse output, you name it.

I don't think there's any courses on smelling crap and analysing it's vapors, and probably not many books either.  There's machines to analyse it, and give us all kinds of health facts from it, but that's all doctors rely on.  Printed numbers describing various chemical aspects of our shit.  How so impersonal, no?

Just landed, and got an eyegasm on the way down... we live on such a beautiful planet!  All that's required to see it is a slight change of perspective...

Anyway, I've started paying attention to my private aromas, and realized how "normal" it usually is... and how bad it gets when my digestive system is out of balance.  Early diagnostics and some new insight into my wellbeing just by letting go of my learned disgust and replacing it with a bit of attention and curiosity.  Consciousness for the win again!

So, if we meet and I smell your ass, don't worry; I'll just be probing your life and gathering intimate details about your insides.

See you later

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