Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just stupid fun

I just asked Google maps for the way to some place I've been only once before.  You know how they list travel time for cars?  It said 50 minutes.   CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Yes, I gave that number a serious beating, but I can't give details here for legal reasons.  Sorry.  I'll entertain you another way.

If I go work for Google, one of my project will be to add a new time estimate beside car, bus and walking.  "Hooligan sportsbike".  The icon will be a race machine standing on it's rear wheel.  And then efficient people will get accurate time estimates for their trips.

And you know how you can pick "Avoid tolls" for cars?  Hooligans will have "Avoid sidewalks", "Avoid unpaved surfaces" and "Avoid one-way streets the other way".  And it will poll Trapster's servers and add the current speed trap operations on the map.  Slow down here for a few seconds.  Or better yet, go right in with planned escape routes!  That`s much better no?  Efficient, fun, with a good shot of adrenaline!  What more can you ask for?

Those friends blazing their light and sound show can be really exciting if you approach them the right way.  For the record I've never done or heard of any such thing.  I am purely writing fiction for fun and profit.  End of legal statement.  Back to the program.

Would you by any chance happen to work for Google?  Know anyone who does?  Lemme know, and I'll join in, making the world a better place one software update at a time.  Please don't just implement my idea without me.  Just get me in as a consultant, let me in for a bite of the fun and I`ll be on my merry way right after.  Or not :-P

So no philosophical insight today.  No Zen followup.  Just a quickie for the fun of it.  Or maybe it actually is a truer Zen experience because of it.

Have a great day!


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