Sunday, September 21, 2014


Who said that work wasn't supposed to be fun?  That we should suffer to earn our share?  That life was tough and that that was that?  Jail the motherfucker.  No, let me rephrase that.  Give that poor soul a hand and show him that life's supposed to be fun.  That it's not all sacrifices, that it's good compromises.  The kind that rewards both parties, where everybody wins.  We all have fun, we all learn and grow and challenge ourselves, and we all share the fruits of our labor.

Thinking that you have to suffer, and going on living a miserable life, is the worst sacrilege that you can do to yourself.  To waste that living experience in all it's richness and treasures, or to postpone it till you won't appreciate any of it anyway and just go by memory and nostalgia...

Commuting is a part of life for many of us.  I'd rather not, but until most corporations and institutions switch from a presence sit-at-your-desk-9-to-5-no-matter-what to result oriented contracts, that will still be.  Commuting is a non-negligible part of our life.  And let's face it, it can be tenuous and stressful.  Gees, lady, mind moving a bit faster please?  Oh, right, you had to hurry in to lock that intersection even though you can't make it through, thanks.  Construction!  Hallelujah!  Cops, of course, hidden behind that new speed limit post and cashing in full speed from all the unsuspecting victims.

Morning coffee

Oh, if it can be any consolation, read this:  I once blew a stop before seeing that cop waiting for me just a bit further down.  Got a ticket all right.  And contested it, I've been pretty good at that, not avoiding tickets altogether, this I pretty much sucks at, but convincing a judge that poor victim me was doing it's very lawfully, socially and mechanically best and that any unfortunate turn of event stretching the boundaries of the legal codes would be a very unfortunate and completely random thing out of my control.  So I explain the situation in a kind and colorful monologue, during which I mention that said stop sign is an aberration since it's pretty much between two one-way streets in a safe spot.  I had a very satisfying victory for which I thanked the judge and went my merry way with wallet intact.  To my great amazement and proudness, that stop sign have since been removed.  I, myself, through expressing my view of the place, started something which momentum had that annoying aberration removed.  Yay

3. Enjoy yourself, always

The time we spend commuting is part of our life.  Of that precious experience we want to taste and savor every last drop of.  You can be in a train and having an easier time or you can be stuck in rush hour traffic surrounded by people who's pressure is rising to the top.  They may express that in ways less than kind towards you.  On bike, some people can share their aggression in ways that can end up hurting or killing us.  Nothing personal, I'm frustrated and feel that you should suffer too.  At least as much as I do.  Preferably more, that way I'll feel better about myself.

Or you may be one of the happy few who ride their bicycle on a gorgeous bike path each morning,  taking in the weather and sights and smells and meeting smiling people.  Or maybe you don't but you should.  I ride my motorbike to work, rain or shine, day and night, because it's much more fun than it's larger cousins the cars and SUV.  Not to mention cheaper on gas, easier to untangle in jams and construction sites and free to park anywhere.  Everywhere.  Free parking, gas economy, and fun.  Ok, you can tell your parents that it's my fault you got a bike.  Blame accepted.

Now we're getting somewhere

No matter how you get to anywhere it is that you go, remember that it's part of life.  It's precious life moments you will not get a refund for.  Or a tax break when you reach heaven or nirvana or the void.  Any moment spent in anger or unease is a moment lost to pleasure and fulfillment.  And arrived at destination, say after 45 minutes of stress and anger, you're not in your best moods.  Have a coffee and check the paper a little, to let the steam blow?  Have a beer a vedge some to forget it just happened?  Again.  Like it does every day.

One thing I once did in my pre-two-wheeler time was play CDs to learn a new language in the car.  I'd be stopped on Decarie for 20 minutes and not care; location was irrelevant, I was doing something rewarding and fun.  I also love audiobooks and talks.  Like TED talks, that make me discover fun things, or philosophical talks that help me put things in perspective and enjoy myself more.  Whatever you do, by all means, please don't settle to letting your commute become an unpleasant experience.  Your workdays and evenings will be brighter, you'll have more energy, not to mention more fun!

So next time someone cuts you off, or give you a finger because you changed line and ended up in front of them, know that they have frustration to vent and that you don't have to accept it.  Respectfully decline their offer and go on your unaffected way.  A train stopping you?  Construction?  An accident?  A baby seal being clubbed in the middle of the road?  Ok, maybe not that last thing.  Whatever, smooth or not, find your peace and if you can, do something fun, or something useful that'll save you time for later when you're not strapped in a moving mass of metal surrounded by tense people in their own cages of hard steel and frustration.  Have a pleasant commute.

That's the spirit!

And for fuck's sake, get that class 6 on your license and get yourself an efficient and pleasurable mean of transportation.  Otherwise, remember to smile to bikers who have that freedom and pleasure.  Yes, smile to that loud asshole that acts like he own the road too, he's got his own tensions to deal with.  And please, when you start riding you bike, don't put the high lights on for "safety".  It just annoys everyone and doesn't make you safer.  Respect how the lighting system is designed to be operated, and operate it that way.  Everyone, especially me and my sensible eyes, will thank  you for it.

Have an enjoyable week!

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