Sunday, February 15, 2015

With no helmet: Vision

Working with no helmet
Special edition February 2015

If you don't have it, you don't stand much chance of realizing it right?

If not, what's missing?  Finding it?  Actually listening to it?  Or just following what you know is right?  Not accepting compromises, not giving in and not giving up?

I think that there's good compromises, and bad compromises.  The good ones are for everybody involved to win the argument.  For everyone to be satisfied and grow from the exchange, to feel that they've won something valuable.  That they've learned and acquired something precious, and that they've helped one or more people reach their own goals.

The bad ones are when we give up.  When we accept something completely unacceptable because of pressure, despair, exhaustion, confusion, or some other control tactic.  When we settle for less than we can and suffer for it.  When we get used to bowing down.

One part of this thing is getting your vision.  Listening to yourself, and letting yourself be your guide.  Your subtle, subconscious mind.  Or, as Alan Watts puts it, your superconscious mind.  The inner god that reaches your consciousness using feelings and emotions.  That sometimes puts words in your head.  That can be either respected and encouraged, or choked and ignored because of "external" factors.  Gotta put food on the table right?  Have rent to pay, and that vacation, and that new car and all that crap yelling "purchase me, sell your life for me!"

When your vision is seen and heard, when it's acknowledged, the only possible thing to do is to follow it.  With all your heart and soul, with your mind and body, with your whole being.  If you don't, you're fulfilling someone else's dream, unconsciously, passionlessly, for very little in return, and completely ignoring your true self.  Your inner compass, your inner genius, the god spark within.

It's not a job.  It's not a career.  It's your life.  The one you've got.  It's every moment of your life.  Every breath till your death bed, when you'll have to close your story.  Writing that conclusion, will you congratulate yourself for a fulfilling life well lived?  For every moment thoroughly tasted and enjoyed, for having been fully yourself and traced your own path?  For having left an heritage you're proud of, having left the world better than you found it?  Or will you regret having stayed on hold, sacrificed and exploited for some others' greed?

We'll all face that question one day.  But we don't have to wait till then, and it doesn't have to be too late.  Life is now.  You're free, you can be anything you want.  Not receive something or be given your due.  Walk your own path, take full responsibility and grab the life you want and deserve.

Don't look down.  Look ahead.  Life is now.


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