Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ever sneezed in your helmet? When it's humid and cold?  When it insta-fogs your visor so don't see anything ahead?  Not that you see behind either, but that can really be a bitch.  Happened to me turning a street corner, I went completely blind.  Not a fun feeling.  All I had to go on was inertia, the speed and direction and lean angle of the bike.  And the bit of brain processing left from being increasingly busy with the unfortunate situation.  Ok, damn, helmet finally opened.  Ahhhhhhhhh

While this fun anecdote is rare, getting fogged-up and loosing sight of the goal is quite frequent.  At least for me, and other people who use their thinking brain a lot.  That cloud of thoughts cuts our sight like a knife.  And then we're on autopilot while said thoughts play their play.  Autopilot programmed through childhood, when everything was so totally different than it is now.  Those thoughts are playing just for us, only they're not helping.  Like, not helping at all.  Because while in our thoughts we don't see ahead and have very little attention for our environment.  For the road ahead, the cars around and the ditches and the wives and the bosses and the kids and life and joy.  Accidents make for great anecdotes but they're not actually fun.  Better be avoided if you ask me. They can still make pretty interesting anecdotes then.  Like that time I was on the highway and took an exit ramp right and nothing happened, as I described in glorious details in my 1st post.  Didn't have to die to get it published!  And the way to do that is to keep our eyes on the road ahead with a visor as free of fog and road grime as possible.  Maybe wash that helmet in the morning, a little meditation never hurts.  Evening polish is great too, meditation is always easier and more pleasurable at the end of the day.  Don't hold back to doing what it takes to have and keep a clear, unobstructed sight.

That was a quickie.  Not as good as a long intercourse, but satisfying nonetheless :p

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